Who's behind Too Wet to Shred
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Hi! My name is Margot. I am the founder of Too Wet to Shred and a Biiiig water-lover! 


My love for water came only in 2015, during a holiday in Portugal. My parents aren't really into sports or being on the water, so I was a little late to the party. In Portugal I tried surfing and after that I started spending my holidays looking for the waves.

I surfed from Portugal, Spain, Bali, France, Sri Lanka back to the Netherlands. But the Dutch waves were a bit challenging after Asia ūüėČ (mainly cold & messy) and I starting missing being in the water. After seeing other people kite, I wanted to give it a try. Maybe kitesurfing would be the best way for me to always find a spot on the water; when no waves, kite. When no wind, surf & SUP. Perfect!

I didn't expect kitesurfing to be thís.much.fun.
Once I started, I couldn't stop!

Travelling the world

After getting up and riding all the spots in the Dutch waters, I was lucky enough to enjoy the blue waters of Egypt, the gusty strong winds of Leucate in France, the kite Mecca of Europe Tarifa, the most deserted Cabo de la Vela in Colombia, the Kenyan coastline, the sharky perfect spots in Australia and then in 2020, in the midst of COVID I found a little paradise spot, in Portugal. I love the place for many reasons.. the sessions but there can be só só good!

Imagine a beautiful natural area, the ocean, a river, mountains in the back, flat water for your freestyle tricks and waves on the other side, for some real good strapless fun. On sunny no-wind-days? I catch some perfect waves or take a SUP for a nice tour on the river.
So yes. I wanted to share the place and the experience with like-minded people. Because it's too good, not to ūüôā


After getting my IKO certificate I have been teaching people how to fly their kite, progress their level and feel good and safe on the water, with a big smile. I have been teaching for/with schools in the Netherlands,  Australia & Portugal.

My greatest quality as an instructor is my communication style & enthusiasm, I'm good at adapting the lesson to who is in front of me. My people skills, didactic skills and energy combined, make me a good instructor for almost all students & levels.
My greatest joy in teaching is watching my students progress and feel more and more confident. Whatever level they may have.
Creating all the safety, confidence and skills, while keeping it safe and fun.

Winner kitesurf camp


Before being a water girl, I was (and still am) a singer. I studied vocals at the Rockacademie in Tilburg, Netherlands. After getting my Bachelor of Music, I started working as a singer, songwriter and vocal coach in many different projects, schools and bands.

I love the adventure of being on the road as a singer, meeting new people everyday, entertain, dance, sing my heart out and make the crowd dance, have fun and enjoy all together.
As an entrepreneur I have been involved in many projects. On the front, on stage, backstage, on organizing, marketing, planning & promoting.
I love to work on projects, bring big smiles on peoples faces and see people happy and enjoying their time & space.

Since 2008 I have been teaching vocals and music. I have taught many kids, adults, groups, classes, teens; all ages in all different settings. My experience in teaching helped me a lot when I decided to become a kite instructor.

Camps & retreats 

Organizing camps brings many of my passions, talents & skills together. I get to create, promote, organize, teach, coach, entertain, host, connect, learn and make people happy. That's what I love. So, ladies & gentlemen, no matter your level; Let's get wet! (together) 

See you on the water! Love, Margot