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Kitesurf Safari


10 – 17 June ’23
2 – 9 September ’23

Kitesurf Camp


30 April – 7 May ’23
20 – 27 August ’23

Ladies Kite Retreat


28 May –  4 June ’23
17 – 24 September ’23

Kitesurf Camp


14 – 21 May ’23

What we do
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We value a sense of freedom, combined with luxury, great healthy food, a comfortable stay, friendly staff and goood kiting. Our camps are located at walking distance from the spot, with great facilities at the accommodation. We like to take good care of you, so that you can focus a 100% on whatever it is you love to do during your holiday 😉

All YOU have to do it: see which week suits you best, fill out the booking form & book a flight. We pick you up from the airport and from there on: you can relax, enjoy and have FUN!

We like to be active during our camps, you are free to join, or not. You can stay at the pool, go for a beach walk, have some sunset beers, whatever you like. During non windy or non wavy days we always have a back up plan to make your day awesome anyway.

Most of our guests are between 25 and 45 years young. We love it if you are active, friendly, excited to join & open to new people and adventures. You can come without any skills or even having a horrible style; We will love you anyway 😉

Have a look around, to see which week is your favorite. If you need help deciding, please don’t hesitate, just contact us!

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Kitesurf Safari

Discover the Red Sea in Egypt during our kitesurf Safari. 7 nights of flat water spots, desert islands, a luxury yacht, a great crew, delicious foods and loads of sessions..
Easy conditions, spectacular experience!

Level: beginner, intermediate & advanced riders

Kitesurf Camp

Happening in Portugal & Spain. Looking for flat water? Join us in Portugal. Prefer waves and an unstoppable wind? Join us in Tarifa!
Whatever your preference is, we will try to make it the ultimate week. Progression can be big or small, as long as you’re having fun!

Level: beginner, intermediate & advanced riders

Kite Retreat

Yoga, Kite, Eat, Repeat. This week is all about women & progression. In a safe environment, you get to enjoy all the best of watersports. We add a bit of yoga, surf & SUP to our week for extra fun. This week includes all healthy & fresh meals, use of SUP & surfboards & bikes, a Port wine tasting & much more.

Level: beginner & intermediate +

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