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Go where the wind takes you. Fly high. We found the perfect place to land.

Please feel free to contact us when you have any questions about one of the Camps, Coaching, our gear or your new hobby.
Are you just looking for other tips? Don't hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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Any other questions? Just send us a message

Can I come all by myself?

Yes Please do! Most of our guest are 'solo' travellers at the beginning of the week. You will make friends here before you know it 🙂

I have never done yoga. Do I have to join the classes?

Absolutely not!
But, many of the first-timers actually love the classes and join them when they can 🙂
No experience is needed!

Is my bed close to spot?

Yesssss it is! Depending the location but the kite spot is always at a walking distance.
There is a pool closeby too, if you fancy some more water time.


I have a special diet. Can I join?

In general our locations are GREAT at providing all guests with delicious foods, even if you vegan, glutenfree, lactose free, allergic to bananas etc.
To be sure, please let us know your diet in your booking form (and be specific). We want to be sure we can provide to our standard.

What wetsuit do I need?

Check out the camp page for the specs. It varies per camp; from a 5/3 to a bikini.

Do I have to bring my own gear?

If you are a beginner, we always supply you with everything you need for your lessons. For most locations, we also have great rental packs available.

For kitesurfers; make sure you can ride upwind, when you want to rent.

& more can be found on the page of your Camp of choice.

Can I book private lessons?

Yes you can! The standard lesson packs include group (surf) or duo (kite) lessons.

If you want a private instructor, just tell us; we will make it happen 🙂

The price depends the location, but we can tell you before the camp starts.

I want to learn kitesurfing, what should I do?

Book your camp now and JOIN US!

(It's always nice to already start your lessons close to home if you have the opportunity. You can progress even more in our camp weeks if you already know the basics)

How do I get there?

It depends on the camp:

In Portugal our location is 30 minuten from Porto Airport. If you arrive there in arrival day (usually Sundays) between 9 AM en 7 PM, we pick you with the big pink van. Easy to spot 😉

In Spain we organise a transfer from Malaga Airport to Tarifa, 2 times on arrival day. Please check these times, to find the best flights.

In Egypt we arrange the transfer from the airports to the boat. There are 2 airports in Hurghada, please be aware of this, so we can find you on arrival 😉

I tried to book but didn't get a response...

We are so sorry! We try to reply within 24 hours. If you didn't hear from us after 48 hours, please send us a message! Something must have gone wrong.

You can send us an email by clicking here

Are all meals included?

Yes & no.

In Portugal all meals are included. Our location has an amazing team which provides us 3 delicious meals a day.

In Tarifa all breakfasts and dinners are included, but lunch is at your own expense and choice (usually at the beach).

In Egypt all meals are included. The staff prepares lovely buffets with lots of veggies & fruits to stay fit and fabulous.

We try to keep our meals mainly veggie based. A little bit for fitness, a little bit for the world. We promise you; you will love the food 


I am not sure which pack to take..

No worries, just choose the one that looks like the best match. If you decide to take some more lessons before the camp and you want to change from lessons to coaching; you can change this upon 10 days before the camp*.

If you are still not sure; just write us a message. We love answering your questions!

*Based on availability

Can you teach me how to jump?

Forrrrr sureeeee!! Our group coachings are great to work on your new favorite trick cool

From toeside, pops, jumps, to backrolls, frontrolls, darkslides, downloops, grabs, we got you!

(If you happen to be nailing boogie loops, please don't ask us for coaching: teach us!)

What is 'Photoproof'

Besides the endless selfies you might take of your after-session-smile... A professional photographer is coming to the spot to catch everything on camera! He tries his best to take some cool shots from the whole group and usually he makes you look awesome!
(Proof on our socials)

If you would like a private photo session, this can be arranged too. Just let us know in advance so we can get you a great price!

Am I too old? Am I too young?

Never. But maybe for this camp, a bit. We don't have a strict age limit, but in order to gather an awesome bunch of people, we like to keep the ages kind of alike. 

If you are a few years younger or older; we really don't care. In doubt? Just send us a message. 

For the youngsters: we don't organise a party camp. For the oldsters: we do organise a very active week with lots of sports. If that doesn't bother you, we are all good!

Too Wet to Shred is founded by Margot Zoer and part of the 'Margot Zoer' entreprise, based in the Netherlands.

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