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October 2022

Portugal, dates coming soon

Winner kitesurf camp

Girls who surf
Just be you

7 days of fun in a luxury surf camp for beginners & intermediate surfers.

Portugal is known for it’s great waves; ever heard of the massive waves in Nazaré, growing up to 30 meters high? Or maybe you’ve been to the very charming surf hipster spot; Ericeira. Well guess what; Portugal has a long coastline FULL of awesome waves! Ours are a bit smaller than at the more southern parts of the west coast and we are very pleased with that. Sandy beaches, no one else on the water and easy waves to catch and ride. What else could you wish for?

Our Surf retreat is based in Ofir, Esposende. Located just 30 minutes from Porto Airport, we are closer then you think. From most European cities, you arrive within just a few hours to Porto. With the great conditions of our spot there is no need to leave Europe for your kitesurf holiday!
Our house is in a natural area, full of water, pine trees & beaches. It’s pretty, calm & full of adventurous watersport possibilities.

Well, we have an awesome week waiting for you, full of sports, great fresh meals, a comfortable stay, great company & of course progression!
For all surfista’s who love some luxury & being in the water, we have the perfect place for you.  Our main spot is only a 3 minute walk away from the house. Depending on the forecast and tides, our surfcoach will take us to the right spot at the right time.

On Sunday we welcome you into our beautiful surf house to unpack and meet the group. The next Sunday we drop you off, feeling energized, relaxt & hopefully with a suitcase of memories and new friends.

This camp is ladies-only. Not because we don’t like men (the opposite, we love them ;)) but because we love to create beautiful connections in a safe, understanding, fierce & fun environment. Just be you.
Ideally we create a like minded group, full of girls between 25 and 45 years young. This to create awesome friendships to last way longer than this camp.. We have space for 6 to 10 women in total.

The program? Everyday surf lessons, progression, yoga, SUP, lovely dinners, chill on the terrace or at the pool, games, beach walks & whatever more you feel like.  All the fun with an awesome group of like-minded surf girls.

We live by our motto during our camps: Let’s get Wet!

Are you not sure our Women’s Surf Retreat camp is the place for you? Worried you may not fit in? Or that the water is too cold? Send us a message with your doubt, let’s talk. If you need help deciding, please don’t hesitate, just contact us!

Go straight to

What to expect
The spot & weather

Our Surf house is located beach front at the Rio Cavado, in the natural park of Ofir. The beach at the ocean side is called ‘Praia de Ofir’ and has a multiple spots to surf.

The area is quiet, we have empty beaches and wooden pathways to get around.
(the weekends maybe more busy though)

The North of Portugal is known for it’s Port wine, Vino verde & has the beautiful cities Porto, Braga & Guimaraes.

There are easy flights to Porto from all over Europe, we are only 30 minutes from the airport & 40 minutes from the city.

We will pick you up from the airport on Sunday.

The Portuguese swell is year round and always delivering! You just have to know the best spots & you’ll have the best time in the water. Our area is more quiet than some of the more famous surf-hotspots like Ericeira & Peniche, which means: Empty line ups, taking every wave you find = party time!

Our main spot is a beach break, with usually around 1 to 2 meter swells, depending on the season. No rocks or reef to be scared of, just paddle and have FUN!

The most magic moments are the sunset surfs here. 

We will go for a surf safari during this week and check out 2 other spots & beaches on a 10 & 30 minutes driving distance from the house.

Our surf instructor is fun, friendly and patient. Our waves wet & wavy!

We love this spot: a relaxed beach break just 3 minutes from your bed. Feel like a morning surf? Go for a quick spot check & grab your board to go out! 
As there are no rocks, reef or jellyfish, you can just enjoy each wave you take. 

Our spot is usually empty and spacious, that’s why we love it most. 
We have a few really pretty spots closeby. One of our favorites is Viana do Castelo. Beautiful waves & lovely beach bars. We’ll show you around!

Another cool spot is at ‘the Three towers’. Just a 10 minute walk from the house.

If you really wanna be alone in the water..  a bit to the right of our main spot, is an empty beach. Just nature & you. (we prefer going in together though;))

We call it: Forever spring!
While the days are sunny & wavy, the temperature stays around 18 to 20 degrees. Find yourself a spot out of the wind and your bikini is definitely needed. Sunscreen is essential!
In the evenings it cools down, so it’s easy sleeping. You’ll need a jumper to stay comfy after the sun goes down.

The Portuguese waters are fabulous but fresh. The water temperature stays around 18 degrees. We advice to use 4/3 or 5/3 wetsuit.

What’s included

Luxury Stay

Good beginner Spot

Yoga classes

Surf Lessons

Sup & Bikes

All Meals

Surf theory

Airport Transfer

Port wine tasting


What’s not included
Your to do list

Get insured

Book your flight


Our surf villa & spot
looks good, right?

choose your room & pack

Single or Shared
Room options


Dorm room

Ensuite bathroom
3 Single beds + 1 Double
Towels & beach towels



Shared room

Ensuite bathroom
Single beds
Towels & beach towel



Private room

Private bathroom
Double bed
Towels & beach towel


Lessons or gear 

10 hours of group lessons


Private Surf

Private lesson – 1,5 hours
Gear included



Something like a:
7’3 fun board
6’2 egg

€50,- per week

Our retreat always includes 10 hours of group lessons & a progression plan


Treat yourself


60 minutes
Full Body



20 minutes
Behind a boat
Twintip or foil



1,5 hours
Group lesson

€45,- p.p. (minimum of 2 people)

Extra yoga

1 hour group session
€10,- p.p. (minimum of 5 people)

1 hour private class

Extra dishes

Dinner upgrade
3 courses

€35,- for the week




For the women’s surf retreat 

Can I come all by myself?

Yes Please do! Most of our guest are ‘solo’ travellers at the beginning of the week. You will make friends here before you know it 🙂

What wetsuit do I need?

The Portuguese waters can be freshhhh! p: 
We advice a 4/3 or 5/3 full suit. 
For SUP you could use a shorty or bikini. 

Tip: Bring your own wetsuit. We have plenty but there’s nothing as comfortable as your own 😉

I have a special diet. Can I join?

In general our locations are GREAT at providing all guests with delicious foods, even if you vegan, glutenfree, lactose free, allergic to bananas etc.
To be sure, please let us know your diet in your booking form (and be specific). We want to be sure we can provide to our standard.

Can I book private lessons?

Yes you can! The standard lesson packs include group lessons.

If you want a private instructor, just tell us; we will make it happen 🙂

Private lessons can be booked for €50,- for 1,5 hours.

What does a typical day look like?

Hmmmm, it could be:

8 AM yoga on the deck
9 AM breakfast
Chill at the pool / / Sup
1 PM lunch on the terrace
2 PM Surf party on the spot!

5 PM shower / aperol / nap
7 PM dinner time
10 PM sleep / party / party in bed
(most nights everyone is so tired and just wants to sleep at 10. It’s funny what the ocean does to you..)

But it could also be:

7 AM sunrise SUP
9 AM breakfast
11 AM Surf session number 1
1 PM Lunch
6 PM sunset surf
8 PM Dinner by the fire
10 PM Party night! 

My flight arrives after 7 PM..

No worries! Uber is about €35 or we can arrange a taxi for your pick-up for €50,-. 
We will keep a plate for you, if you’re still hungry. 

The real deal starts on Monday morning, we look forward to meeting you!

Do I bring my own wetsuit?

Your own is usually the most comfy, so if you have one and you like it: Please bring it!

If you don’t have one: We got you!

Do I bring sunscreen?


The wind might take out some of the heat, but the sun is strong. Bring sunscreen for your face & body to keep you protected during sessions & at the pool. 

Can I prepare myself for the lessons?


We love the way you think. There are lots of YouTube videos about surfing & the basics. You can check out these to get the progression started! It’s great to understand some of the theory before trying.

You can start with push-ups & pop-ups at home, to get the muscles active. Flexibility in your hips will help you get up on your board more easily. 
It could make your week even more enjoyable 😀 Progression baby!

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